Excursus on Emmaus

While this is carrying us a bit afield from John’s Resurrection narrative, it is in this apparition I take the most comfort.

Now, from our point of view, we can see the rationale for Jesus appearing to his mother, Mary, to Mary Magdalene, Peter, even the women, but these disciples….They were the members of the periphery, perhaps counted in the 72 sent by Jesus to announce the good news.  They are discouraged, disheartened, the archetypical deflated followers who can’t believe what just happened is what was suppose to happen, what needed to happen, what was foretold would happen, what was necessary.

Nor do they accept the full picture.  The trials, suffering and crucifixion they “witnessed” and accept.  However, this wild tale that the women came back with about the body being gone…didn’t that just top it all.  We don’t even know where they’ve taken him.

These are guys with whom I can identify.  We put our faith, our trust in Jesus, and in the course of a weekend, He’s gone, killed, no triumphal overthrow of the Romans, no radical reform of our people, no era of peace and love and joy….devastation, disillusionment, dejection…

Jesus does not neglect us, his little ones, his sheep that are going astray, off to mope and commiserate with one another, off to distance themselves from the fallout that may befall the fallen hero’s followers.

Yes, He walks with us, even and especially when we are the least believing, the most skeptical, the most alienated from Him…and He explains and He feeds our minds, our hearts and our souls with the Heavenly Hardtack, His very Self in the forms we can understand and absorb, that we need for the journey back to our destiny with Calvary.


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