Warehousing God II…but no Jesus…an Easter meditation in August

Sometimes the sequel is better than the original…sometimes not. Same theme, let’s run it through again.

This time, let’s keep Jesus in the tomb. Keep that stone rolled across the entrance. Keep that seal there, so nicely affixed by the Religious Authorities. Keep those guards there, watching that his followers don’t come and steal the body and blood….or whatever’s left.

Sound familiar…a little tabernacle…sealed up in Church….guarded least we come and take Jesus out into the world. Now we wouldn’t do that, would we?

Actually, when we arrived, Officer, the tomb was empty…the guards had disappeared. We don’t know where He is. We checked it out…all the clothes were there…all the paraphernalia was there …but no Jesus.

Oh, there were stories that He turned up as a gardener at a Community Co-op. And another that He was down on Skid Row teaching the homeless, or that He was uptown, dining with the big-wigs, or that He was down at the Fed, occupying Wall Street.

Not that we have a corner on the market. There’s been sightings all over. The fire-fighters saw him in California, the Border Patrol reported him carrying a child across the Rio Grande, even sand-bagging in Missouri during the flooding.

And not just here. There’s been reports from all over the world, Russia, China, Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Iran, Mali, Nigeria.

And it’s never just one side…it’s both sides: Ukraine and Russia, the Palestinians and Israelis, even the Shiites and the Sunnis. I mean, how do the Muslims know it’s Him.

It was better when He was just back, locked up in that tabernacle. At least we had control of Him there. We could take Him out, worship Him, pray and go home. This proliferation is getting out of control! Frank doesn’t do anything…in fact, he’s all for it.

Maybe we should call a synod and figure out what to do.


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