Why and how I write these mediations

Brief excursus on why I write these mediations:

  1. I mediate because I want to talk to God, to discuss with God what He has revealed to me, to us.
  2. I mediate on these particular topics because they are what are effecting my relationship with God at the present moment.
  3. I write these meditations because (a) I have difficulty focusing without writing, and (b) I am able to express myself better in writing than in speaking or simply thinking.

How I write these meditations:

  • The initial impetus is usually either (a) an insight that the Holy Spirit has given me concerning a particular verse in Scripture; (b) the next verse in the chapter on which I was meditating; or (c) an event or reaction to an event which needs sorting out.
  • While I usually start with the literal meaning, context, etc., the Holy Spirit usually has other ideas about what the import of this verse is in my life right now and we go spiraling off in that direction.
  • Based on the twelve step program’s theory that what is most personal is most generally applicable, I try to keep the focus on my relationship to God, using first person pronouns. As I am given to holding forth on what “we” all should do, I frequently fail in this. My apologies. I at least try to catch this the second time through before posting anything.

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