Success and Failure…the Wrong Criteria

Spiritual Unfreedom can get all tied up in my life with success and failure when, in reality, these are the wrong criteria, the wrong labels. The right labels are love and all that advances the Kingdom vs self centeredness and all that inhibits the growth of the Kingdom. Using these labels, one can easily see that some worldly successes, from Roe vs Wade to corporate mergers that displace workers and hurt the environment, are self-centered, and some “failures,” e.g. the Cross, advance the Kingdom.

I can’t really relate to the virtues which enable me to distinguish on the fly between the two. Therefore, the grace for which I ask is the “prayerful pause,” the “stop and look both ways before makin’ that decision” grace which will allow me to disengage my buttons which have been pushed and are hurling me headlong into a recipe for disaster and engage silence and a meditative reflective pause to make a more reflective prayerful decision. It allows me to change gears from judging by the world’s standards of success and failure to judging by the Kingdom’s and God’s standards of advancement or harm.


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