I got lost this morning coming to prayer

I got lost this morning coming to prayer. Instead of starting with my usual opening prayers to “come into the presence of God,” a rather circumlocutious way of saying that I remind myself that God, always and everywhere, not only surrounds me but is in me, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and I just “lose track” of them, though how one can lose track of God is a conundrum for the ages. Rather, I so concentrate on the trees of my reality, that I loose sight and the perspective of the forest of God’s abiding presence in creation, in heaven, on earth and in me. Thus, when I don’t pull myself back and refocus on Him, I get tied up in knots and must pray to and rely on Mary, Undoer of Knots, a favorite of Pope Francis, to rescue me.

This morning was a whopper. Instead of coming into God’s presence, I dove into what “glory” means, and

  1. looked up the etymology,
  2. the Google search for its occurrence in Scripture,
  3. the Vatican’s concordance listing of the 555 occurrences in the NAB,
  4. the Blue Letter Bible Strong’s Hebrew Listing for one occurrence,
  5. a Google search for “Hebrew words for glory in the Hebrew Scriptures” which turned up 1,060,000 results of which
  6. one source listed nine different words which are used to denote the various connotations of glory,
  7. not to mention the excursion into my new research toy, Verbum, in which I got lost between the Catholic Biblical Dictionary and the search for the Hebrew Scriptures and had to reboot the computer…

Poor God, You got lost in all my falderal and I occluded the Hafiz hole in a flute that Your breath moves through, and was only listening to myself, a dreary, repetitive and unfulfilling tune at best. I need to be reminded that I am not doing a thesis, an article, a term paper, or even an assignment.  I am suppose to be reflectively praying. Please save me from my perfectionism, my impulsiveness and my hubris. Help me to pray as You taught, without a lot of words and even, occasionally, just to be still and know that You are God. Amen. Alleluia!!!


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