A brief conversation with one’s Guardian Angel:

Thank you, [fill in your angel’s name; if you don’t know it, ask.], for taking on this rather thankless task of guiding & guarding me today.  I know that you did it because it is the Father’s will & you wished to serve Him & show your love for Him.  I certainly need your help & I thank you for taking the job.  Guide me today in doing His will:

  • pry me from my selfishness;
  • prompt me when I forget that I am helpless in pursuing salvation, let alone holiness & true happiness, & must always rely on God;
  • prod me when I’m stuck;
  • protect me when I face evil or temptation;
  • pacify me when I’m inpatient;
  • proclaim God’s presence to me when I forget to acknowledge it during this day;
  • pop my bubble when I am proud, envious, or jealous, and do not recognize in all others God and that they are also His daughters and sons;
  • prick my conscience when I play God, project or fantasize & restore me to sanity,
  • prohibit me from doing or saying wrong things simply to please & be liked, or because I am angry,
  • pray for me and help me realize that prayer is our script for our role in the kingdom, whether we are talking to God directly or to God in others;
  • plead for me for forgiveness from God and from all around me;
  • put my fears on my cross & help me bear it,
  • help me prioritize,
  • push me when I procrastinate,
  • pep me up when I am tired, and
  • prop me up when I panic.

& may our Jesus ask the Father to give you the strength, patience & perseverance to endure the trials through which I put you & the love to continue your care of me.  I thank Him for you & I ask Him this in the name of His Son, Jesus.


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