One Verse Meditations

A meditation based on only one verse in Scripture is a very beneficial exercise in this era of instantaneous deluges of information, to step back, not care about the world whirling by, not care about rushing on to complete this book, this chapter, this section…to put all that in the hands of God [in whose hands it resides anyway, this is just recognition of that fact] and let Him lead us on an inspirational, literally, guided tour of one small room of one wing of one mansion of many in the home of the father [Jn 14:2], without a care in the world, for which of us by worrying can add a single hour to our lives [Mt 6:27;Lk 12:25], and just relax and let the Spirit lead us where He will.

We may examine Your pearls of great price slowly, carefully, meticulously, unhurriedly, gently, with great awe and wonder.  The beauty of the one must not be lost in the brilliance of the many. Each is like a great cavern which opens up with many side tunnels, only one or two of which I can partially explore at a time and the entire magnificence of which would take many lifetimes to explore.  Scripture is contained in a verse and a verse leads to Scripture.

Unfortunately, I find my sinful nature there too…Forgive me for “playing to the crowds,” getting my “jollies” by displaying “my” erudition, which You gave me, “my” insight, which You gave me, “my” hubris and pride which You did not give me.

But I also find much grace.  Help me by cleansing my motives, my approach, my not too hidden agenda from all self-interest, my “possessions,” that which I gain from the experience.  Help me to be truly poor of spirit, humbled and without attachments to myself that I might do all for Your greater glory, not mine.


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